Wearable Swaddles

Embé offers wearable swaddles and sleep sacks for every stage of your baby's life. 

As your baby develops, their needs change. Embé designed swaddles are flexible enough to change with the size, temperature preference and safety of your baby's sleeping needs. 

All of these swaddles allow for legs in or legs out swaddling and the innovative designs are backed by multiple utility patents.


Why Do We Sleep Better with Feet Out?

Science says, it's actually your feet (not head) that's best at getting rid of excess heat in the body, allowing you to cool down faster and regulate your body temperature, resulting in longer sleep and feeling more well-rested.

From Swaddler to Toddler™

These swaddles were developed in partnership with medical doctors, NICU nurses & physical therapists. They are the "World's Only Legs In & Legs Out 2-in-1 Swaddle™" Patented and Trademarked.

See the chart below to understand the benefits of each of the swaddles. 

Kids & Babies - Transitional SwaddleOut | Moss Sold out
Kids & Babies - Transitional SwaddleOut | Rust Sold out
Kids & Babies - Transitional SwaddleOut | Sand Sold out