Norani was created by two childhood best friends who, after years of trying to conceive, along with countless fertility treatments, finally became mothers and were instantly fascinated by the world of babies. But shortly after becoming moms, they realized there was something missing in the baby universe — a swaddle that was easy to use, highly functional and actually worked at keeping a child safe, secure and asleep. So, they set out to design a swaddle that all parents could use and of course, babies would love.

The company was started with one mission in mind: to help other mamas. A swaddle was created that functions just as good as a traditional wrap, but keeps your baby swaddled without the worry of them being able to break free. Norani wants to help your baby sleep better, so you can sleep better. The company offers an alternative to traditional swaddles that is both easy to use and super effective. But most importantly, they want you to be happy, mama. Because if mama is happy, then baby is happy.