Muslin Swaddles

All of the swaddles in this collection are made from 100% Natural Cotton Muslin or Bamboo Muslin Fabric. You can use these swaddles as stroller or nursing covers, changing pad covers, burp cloths, tummy time blankets and more. The breathable fabric helps reduce the risk of overheating while the generous size makes swaddling a breeze. 

What is Moro Reflex and how can swaddling help? All newborns are born with a number of normal baby reflexes. Moro Reflex, also known as startle reflex, is one of them. You may notice your baby suddenly "startling" while sleeping. This is Moro Reflex. The Merriam-Webster definition of Moro Reflex is a reflex reaction of infants upon being startled (by a loud noise or bright light) that is characterized by extension of the arms and legs away from the body and to the side and then by drawing them together as if in an embrace.

How can swaddling your baby help? This is one of the top reasons why newborn babies should be swaddled. Not only is it recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics as an effective technique for calm and safe sleep, but it also helps infants to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. One reason is its ability to counteract the Moro reflex. By keeping your baby's arms tucked in tight against their body, they won't be able to jerk their arms out which ultimately scares them and wakes them up. Not only that, but the womb-like environment that's created from the swaddle will help keep them from feeling the falling sensation that often triggers the Moro Reflex in the first place.

When to stop swaddling baby? So to sum it up, Moro Reflex starts at birth and ends at 4-6 months. This is incidentally around the same time when your baby starts to get strong enough to roll over. So it is a good practice to start swaddling at birth and end it around 4-6 months. With time, this baby reflex will disappear.