Bash + Sass // the little minimalist

Bash + Sass is a gender neutral brand created for the “little minimalist” ages 6 mths - 12 yrs old. Created by Founder/Creative Director, Irene Lee. Inspired by her own two kids, urban street style and culture. Bash + Sass brings you high-quality made styles that are “made for play.”

What sets it apart from other brands (aside from being a gender neutral line) is their monster characters:

Monsters with a Meaning. 
Each collection introduces a monster that embodies a specific social value or characteristic that the brand believes is important for big and little kids to acknowledge and share. With today’s social and political climate, it’s important to start teaching kids at a young age about self-confidence, inclusion, helping others and being proud of who they are regardless of skin color, gender or family makeup. The monsters and what they represent are directly influenced by Irene's own kids, Bash and Isa.

Bash + Sass has proudly introduced four collections of monsters:
Babu who represents Optimism
Breeze who represents Patience
Boom who represents Confidence 
X + O who represent Spontaneity

Kids & Babies - Asymmetric Tee - Grey

Violet Lily

Asymmetric Tee - Grey

from $34.00

Kids & Babies - Asymmetric Tee - Black

Violet Lily

Asymmetric Tee - Black

from $34.00

Kids & Babies - Denim Hammer Pants

Violet Lily

Denim Hammer Pants